Aims and Objectives

  • To provide services, opportunities, advice and information to older people living within the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames on a drop in basis.


  • To be a place of warmth, respect and hospitality where all older people are welcomed irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation, social class or other such irrelevent factors.


  • To enable all our services to live with choice, independence and dignity.


  • To promote healthy ageing and lifelong learning through a variety of targeted activities, exercise and learning opportunites.


  • To give all our Service Users an active voice in the running of the services provided.





Kaleidoscope Project    click the link to find out more about Kaleidoscope projects.

Kaleidoscope Project provides the financial management to Alfriston Day Centre

Kaleidoscope believes in providing care that is personalised to the individual's needs. We provide a range of support programmes but what remains consistent is trying to ensure that people are given the help they need......