A befriending service for older people in our local community. This service help to address the needs of older, often isolated people, who due to mobility issues, ill health or lack of confidence are unable to attend day centres other other community activities.

Do you know an older person who could benefit from a regular visit, for a chat and companionship from one of our trained volunteers?

Our volunteers can offer regular social contact and emotional support to older people in our community who are experiencing isolation and loneliness. Our aim is to provide older people with friendship and a feeling of self worth in their own homes.

The Alfriston Outreach Service is free and available to any older person in The Royal Borough of Kingston area. Referrals can be made by family members, neighbours, social services, health agencies or be a self referral.  Each befriending relationship is different - the co-ordinators will go to great lengths to make sure that each service user has a volunteer that they have a shared interest with.

To ensure the volunteers are effective in their role, training will be given.

For further information please contact Tina or Lisa 020 8399 4289

Two people sitting having a cup of tea and chat